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Gozaar Studio is an experimental architecture, design and research studio founded by Afshin Koupaei in Isfahan in 2012.
Gozaar projects operates as an online platform representing the work of Gozaar Studio and Lab.
Gozaar’s vision is to approach architecture through interdisciplinary and contextual research and experiments. We explore the ways in which the person interacts with the nature, geography and tradition at one side and with technology, modern societal needs at the other. The studio investigates architecture’s role in helping human being to have a better relationship with its living environment and, in obviating his/her needs in novel ways. For fulfilling this goal, our agenda is based on developing new communication systems between the person and architecture and, specifically between the users of certain architectural forms and their space. We seek to develop adaptable architecture and architectural elements that resonate with the ever-changing needs of our contemporary society.



  • Afshin Koupaei


    Afshin is a Licensed Architect and Construction Supervisor Based in Vienna, Austria and Isfahan, Iran. He received his bachelor’s degree in Architectural Engineering from Azad University (Isfahan, Iran) in 2008 and completed his master’s degree in architecture from the University of Applied Arts Vienna (die Angewandte, Studio KAZUYO SEJIMA) in 2019. He is currently working on his doctorate of Technology (Doktoratsstudium der technischen Wissenschaften) at the University of Applied Arts Vienna. From 2002 to 2005 and prior to studying architecture, Afshin practiced as a programming and software development expert and instructor where he utilized his self-learnt knowledge of MS C#/VB from and, shared his advanced experience in this field with university students in computer science. He has worked as a designer, architect, construction supervisor, and project manager in architecture and urban design firms in Iran; from 2005 to 2012 Afshin was in charge of projects of various scales; from small and large housing projects, hotel buildings, office buildings, industrial sites, to re-planning of worn-out urban districts. In 2008, he won the “Best Renovation Project” (Fara-Tahghigh office together with AMORDAD Design Group) at MEMAR AWARDS (Iran National Architecture Award). In 2012, Afshin founded GOZAAR STUDIO (Iran/ Isfahan) where he began to experiment with incorporating his computer programming proficiency and background in architectural projects. Along with design and accomplishment of several architectural projects, Gozaar Studio elaborated on its empirical approach in the form of multiple academic workshops and experimental pavilions. In 2014/15 academic year, Afshin instructed a course titled Digital Processes in Design and Fabrication as a joint lecture at the Azad University/West-Tehran. In 2017 and 2018, he worked as a researcher at the EVA Research project (Evaluierung Visionärer Architekturkonzepte) and was university assistant at University of Applied Arts Vienna as a member of DDPLAB (Digital Design and Production Lab) /Institute of Architecture. Afshin is focused on re-establishing geographically contextual design methods and fabrication technologies. His vision is to employ traditionally common design and construction techniques (mostly vernacular techniques) to reinvent contemporary design and fabrication typologies.

    @Instagram Afshin.Koupaei

  • Golbon Moltaji

    Artist, Designer

    Golbon Moltaji is visual and sound artist and with a Ph.D. in social sciences she benefits from a highly interdisciplinary training and practice. She obtained her first drawing and painting diploma from Tehran Musical School in 1992 and has since showcased her artwork in various publications and, received a number of participant appreciation awards in Iran. In 2012, Golbon received her Comic Book Writing certificate from the School of Continuing Studies at the University of Toronto. In 2013 she published a series of comics for Canadian Bureau of International Education and had 5 solo and group exhibitions. On top of fluency in hand drawing and painting with oil and acrylic from small to large scales, she is capable of digital painting and has worked with a variety of digital mediums in her performances.
    During her graduate studies at the University of Ottawa she worked on the concept of [im]moilities (Urry, 2008) and its application to the ever-increasing immigration of international students in Canada. Throughout, she has lectured at a variety of courses including motor control and learning, social theories in sports and physical education, leisure and community building and, women and physical activity. She has participated and presented her critical analysis of global south to north student migration in international conferences and has received numerous Canadian grants and awards. Meanwhile, she has elaborated on her artistic practice via performance and audio-visual projections in which she draws on the concepts of displacement and [im]mobilities, particularly the expansion of non-places and an inherent resistive desire for anarchizing public spaces.


  • Aein Koupaei

    Architect, Programmer

  • Morteza Ghaedi

    Fabrication Expert