Gozaar Projects
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2014/08/25 | Maxwell Rendering Workshop - Isfahan

In this workshop participants will learn how to produce realistic renderings using Maxwell.Workshop will begin on September 4th.

2014/05/10 | RHINO 3D Workshop - Isfahan

a 3 day Rhino 3D workshop will be held in Isfahan On June 1st 2014. Participants will learn how to model with NURBS and Solids in Rhino. Each participant is required to design a brick at the last day and develope the brick(Module) to raise some kind of structure.

2014/03/12 | GRASSHOPPER Advanced Course on Data Trees

a 2 days intense Grasshopper workshop will be held by Gozaar Studio about advanced topics on working with data trees in Grasshopper.The workshop will be in Isfahan and organized to be on april 6th and 7th.

2013/07/22 | GRASSHOPPER Workshop - Isfahan

a 3 days Grasshopper workshop will be held in Isfahan by Gozaar Studio in Collaboration with Kenaar Studio(Tehran) .In this 3 days workshop students will learn how to use grasshopper inorder to generate 3d parametrical models. The workshop will begin on Auguest 8th.